How to REALLY keep that resolution


Did you make a resolution for the New Year? What are the chances you can stick with it?

The sad truth is that most people abandon their resolutions in less than two weeks. In fact, the second Friday in January is known as "Quitters' Day" -- because that's the day most people abandon their resolutions. (Independent)

If you need some help with sticking to those resolutions, here are some tips from experts:

1. Make your resolution as specific as possible: You have to set concrete goals that are clearly defined and not impossible to achieve.

2. Make your progress measurable: You have to be able to measure your achievements to keep yourself motivated and on track.

3. Be reasonable: Aim high, but not impossible to achieve. 

4. Make sure you're invested: Choose a resolution that you actually care about so that you stay interested.

5. Set small goals that you can celebrate along your journey: Small successes keep you motivated. (NY Times

photoGetty Images:Stephanie Keith/stringer


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